Shroff Eye Hospital

Shroff Eye Hospital, Mumbai, India

“ZEISS not only installed FORUM in our practice, they also offered various services with the help of their Professional IT Services team.”

Dr. Rahul Shroff

Professional IT Services from ZEISS

Case Study: The Shroff Eye Hospital in Mumbai

On this page, Dr. Rahul Shroff, one of the leaders of the Shroff Eye Hospital near Mumbai (India), presents his clinic. In addition, he describes his cooperation with ZEISS in introducing the FORUM® eye care data management solution.

Shroff Eye Clinic was set up by Dr. C.N. Shroff in 1919 in a western suburb of Mumbai. We are always at the forefront in introducing new technological advancements in ophthalmology to our practice. In 2003, we opened another center, "Shroff Eye Hospital" about 25 kms away from our first clinic. Today, both our centers offer patients high quality medical diagnosis and treatment under the leadership of Dr. Ashok Shroff (General Ophthalmologist), Dr. Rahul Shroff (Vitreo-retinal Surgeon) and Dr. Anand Shroff (Anterior segment Surgeon).

Shroff Eye Clinic

Both centers are equipped with latest technology from ZEISS such as CIRRUS™ OCT, Stratus OCT™, HFA, VISULAS YAG, VISULAS 532s, IOL Master®, ATLAS™, VISUPAC® 451, OPMI LUMERA® 700 and VisuMax®. Thus, we are equipped to provide high quality diagnosis and treatment to our patients, including many VIP's.

Problems we faced before included not having proper patient database management and the patient education system. Printouts and local data transfer methods which we used in the past were inefficient, ineffective and complex. These practices additionally carried the risk of losing important data. Very often, we had to go to each instrument to explain the diagnosis to the patient. This used to take up a lot of our effective time and it increased the waiting time of our patients. We were relieved of all these problems when the engineers from ZEISS demonstrated the FORUM eye care data management solution, which we incorporated in our practice immediately.

At the reception desk

At the reception desk

The data management team not only installed FORUM in our practice, it also offered various services with the help of their Professional IT Services team such as:

  • DICOM and Legacy Instrument Integration
  • Cleaning up of the patient database in FORUM which eliminated many duplicates generated by the previous standalone systems
  • Integration of Hospital Information System (HIS) with ZEISS FORUM for workflow optimization
  • Linking our two centers using ZEISS FORUM
  • Training our staff
Dr. Rahul Shroff at his desk

Dr. Rahul Shroff at his desk

The FORUM eye care data management solution has benefitted us in many ways:

  • By optimizing the workflow, we can schedule diagnostic procedures with one click from our HIS system that is instantly available in FORUM
  • Our practice is now paperless
  • We no longer have to print reports from individual instruments, which cuts our costs
  • We are now able to explain diagnoses etc. to our patients and their relatives much easier than before without even having to leave our consultation rooms
  • The Central Archive feature has quelled the fear of losing data as backups can be made easily from one central location
  • Patient data is available both locally and remotely, so nothing is ever missing