ZEISS on Your Campus | Konstanz, October 6th 2022

Electron Microscopy in Sciences

ZEISS in collaboration with Department of Physics and Biology at the University Konstanz

Convince yourself in this workshop how your work can benefit from the latest advances in electron microscopy. Learn how ZEISS scanning electron microscopes combine ultrahigh resolution imaging with the capability to perform advanced analytics while maintaining flexibility and ease-of-use. Benefit from high resolution, surface sensitive imaging and optical systems that ideally support them in obtaining the best analytical results.
Based on this, users from the University Konstanz will talk about first-hand experience for their applications with electron microscopes and will introduce you to the flexible instruments suited to a broad variety of applications in materials science, industrial labs and life sciences.
For scientists interested in electron microscopy related techniques there is no better option to get informed and to talk directly with the scientific experts and ZEISS staff, respectively.

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October 6th, 2022

University Konstanz
Department of Physics
Room A704
Universitätsstraße 10
78464 Konstanz



October 6th, 2022


10.30 AM




Session | Scanning Electron Microscopy


11.00 AM

Gert Sonntag, ZEISS Microscopy


11.15 AM

Microscopy Inspires
Dr. Michael Albiez, Member of the Management Board IQR & Head of SBU RMS, ZEISS Microscopy


11.45 AM

SEM Introduction and Applications
Pascal Anger, ZEISS Microscopy


12.30  PM




Session | Nanopatterning and Focussed Ion Beams

1.30 PM

Introduction to Electron Beam Lithography (EBL)
Frieder Conradt, Department of Physics, Uni Konstanz


1.45 PM

Optical nanoantennas for ultrafast pico transport
Sebastian Grossenbach, Department of Physics, Uni Konstanz


2.00 PM

Nano transport measurements at low temperatures
Oliver Irtenkauf, Department of Physics, Uni Konstanz


2.15 PM

Focussed Ion Beams for Nanopatterning and Nanoanalytics
Matthias Hagner, nano.lab, Uni Konstanz


2.30 PM

SIMS (secondary ion mass spectrometry) in a FIB-SEM system at room temperature and under cryogenic conditions
Dr. Claus Burkhard, Naturwissenschaftliches und Medizinisches Institut Reutlingen


2.45 PM

Radio-frequency single electron transistors for pico-transport statistics
Marwin Gedamke, Department of Physics, Uni Konstanz


3.00 PM




Session | Transmission Electron Microscopy


3.30 PM

Concept of Core Facilities and the new „Forum Konstanz“
Dr. Michael Laumann, EMC, Uni Konstanz


3.45 PM 

Finer than light - Basics of TEM applications in Biology
Dr. Paavo Bergmann, EMC, Uni Konstanz


4.15 PM

Femtosecond and Attosecond Electron Microscopy
Prof. Peter Baum, Department of Physics, Uni Konstanz


4.30 PM

Structural analysis of organic-inorganic dye@TiO2 hybrid materials
Frank Sailer, Department of Chemistry, Uni Konstanz


4.45 PM

Electron microscopic investigation of virioplankton from Lake Constance
Nele Charlott Meier, Department of Biology, Uni Konstanz


5.30 PM



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