From Micro to Macro: Stereo- and Zoom-Microscopy

The optimal macroscopical sample illumination and image acquisition of technical and biological objects is the main topic of this course. The major contrasting methods in transmitted and reflected light are practiced: brightfield, darkfield, oblique and diffuse illumination as well as epi- fluorescence. The full range of stereomicroscopes and our zoom microscope is used. The benefits of both macro systems is explained in depth as well as the special image acquisition conditions in stereo- and zoom microscopy.
You will learn, how to select the suitable illumination techniques for your sample and how to apply them optimally. You will learn, how to interpret the images properly.
The finer details of digital image acquisition are trained in our course “Get Started with ZEN (blue edition): Fundamentals of Digital Imaging and Processing”.

Topics of the course


  • The peculiarity of stereo- and zoom-microscope optics
  • Illumination methods
  • Application-specific components

The testing and evaluation of the variety of illumination methods with different instruments is preferably done using your own samples (no sample measurements or image analysis).


Learning Level




Practical experience with ZEN (blue edition) (or e.g. Get Started with ZEN (blue edition): Fundamentals of Digital Imaging and Processing)



Stemi 508
Discovery.V8 / V12 / V20
Axio Zoom.V16



ZEN (blue edition)



June 8 to 10, 2022
Registration until 2 weeks prior to the training



3 days



Training and Support Center Jena





Course Fee

Per person: 1440€ (plus VAT)



Max. 3


For additional information please send a request to courses .microscopy .de @zeiss .com.

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