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White Paper: Light Microscopy of Solar Cells

Towards a Brighter Tomorrow – Playing our Part in Sustainable Energy Research and Production

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White Paper: Graphene Nano-Ribbon Patterning with ORION®NanoFab

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White Paper: Nano-Pore Milling with ORION® NanoFab

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White Paper: Sub-10 nm Nano-machining with Multiple Ion Beams

for High Precision and High Throughput Applications

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White Paper: Helium and Neon Ion Beam Lithography with ORION NanoFab

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White Paper: Fast Imaging and Analysis with High Probe Current and High Resolution with ZEISS MERLIN

GEMINI II optimizes the electron optics at all possible operating conditions to provide best possible resolution from very low to very high probe currents

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White Paper: Characterization of Monolayer Segregation using ZEISS MERLIN

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White Paper: High Resolution Imaging at Low Acceleration Voltages and Low Beam Currents with ZEISS MERLIN

MERLIN combines high resolution imaging, optimized at all energies, with unprecedented ease of use for material and life science applications

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White Paper: Beam Deceleration Imaging with ZEISS EVO

Receive high quality images with enhanced surface contrast and topographical detail for low kV imaging and life science samples

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White Paper: Stubscope IR Camera

High Resolution View of an Individual Stub with ZEISS EVO

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