Veranstaltungen Mikroskope und Imaging Solutions

Focus on Microscopy 2018


25.03.2018 09:00 - 28.03.2018 18:00


Singapore / MAX Atria - Singapore EXPO


ZEISS Booth #29

Talk: Airyscan Detection in Multiphoton Microscopy

25 March 2018, 2:00 PM - 2:20 PM, Peridot 201 & 206

Speaker: Inggo Kleppe, ZEISS

Talk: New 2D Superresolution Mode for ZEISS Airyscan for Fast and Gentle Confocal Imaging with 120 Nm Resolution

27 March 2018, 4:50 PM - 5:10 PM, Peridot 202 & 205

Speaker: Joseph Huff, ZEISS

Visit the ZEISS booth and discuss the new 2D Superresolution mode for ZEISS Airyscan! We also have a specially configured Oculus at the booth for you to immerse in interesting microscopy applications!

Focus on Microscopy 2018 is the continuation of a yearly conference series presenting the latest innovations in optical microscopy and their application in biology, medicine and the material sciences.

Key subjects for the conference series are the theory and practice of 3D optical imaging, related 3D image processing, and reporting especially on developments in resolution and imaging modalities. The conference series covers also the rapidly advancing fluorescence labeling techniques for confocal and multi-photon 3D imaging of -live- biological specimens.

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