Imaging Budgets for Extreme Ultraviolet Optics: Ready for 22-nm Node and Beyond (Journal Paper)
Authors: Marc Bienert, Aksel Göhnermeier, Oliver Natt, et al.
Published: 01 Oct 2009

Imaging Budgets for EUV Optics: Ready for 22-nm Node and Beyond (Conference Proceedings)
Authors: Marc Bienert, Aksel Göhnermeier, Oliver Natt, et al.
Published: 18 Mar 2009

Orientation Zernike Polynomials: A Systematic Description of Polarized Imaging Using High NA Lithography Lenses (Conference Proceedings)
Authors: Tilmann Heil, Johannes Ruoff, Jens Neumann, et al.
Published: 04 Dec 2008

Performance of a 1.35 NA ArF Immersion Lithography System for 40-nm Applications (Conference Proceedings)
Authors: Jos de Kierk, Christian Wagner, Richard Droste, et al.
Published: 27 Mar 2007

Polarization Influence on Imaging (Journal Paper)
Authors: Michael Totzeck, Paul Gräupner, Tilmann Heil, et al.
Published: 01 Jul 2005

Predictive Modeling of Advanced Illumination Pupils Used as Imaging Enhancement for Low k1 Applications (Conference Proceedings)
Authors: Tilmann Heil, Paul Gräupner, Reiner Garreis, et al.
Published: 28 May 2004

EUV Imaging Aerial Image Study (Conference Proceedings)
Authors: Martin Lowisch, Udo Dinger, Uwe Mickan, et al.
Published: 20 May 2004

How to Describe Polarization Influence on Imaging (Conference Proceedings)
Authors: Michael Totzeck, Paul Gräupner, Tilmann Heil, et al.
Published: 12 May 2004

Imaging Enhancements by Polarized Illumination: Theory and Experimental Verification (Conference Proceedings)
Authors: Carsten Kohler, Wim de Boell, Koen van Ingen-Schenau, et al.
Published: 12 May 2004

Impact of Wavefront Errors on Low k1 Processes at Extremely High NA (Conference Proceedings)
Authors: Paul Gräupner, Reiner Garreis, Aksel Göhnermeier, et al.
Published: 26 Jun 2003

Fabrication of Freeform Mirrors: Metrology and Figuring
Authors: H. Thiess and H. Lasser

New Products For Synchrotron Application
Based On Novel Surface Processing Developments
Author: Andreas Seifert

ACTOP 2008: Presentation
Author: H. Thiess

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