The moment you realize that your mask is just perfect.

This is the moment we work for.

Photomask Systems

Since the photomask is one of the key elements in photolithography it deserves special care and attention. Carl Zeiss SMS GmbH has many years of experience in qualification, repair and verification, metrology as well as tuning of photomasks. Together with the industry we are constantly developing complete systems and providing innovative technology for all relevant nodes.

We provide unique solutions for mask making and lithography in the areas of zero defect, in-die metrology, critical dimension/registration and overlay control to achieve high mask yield improvement and mask recovery.



Perfect photomask solutions for the complete process chain

Although we are a sub business unit of the Carl Zeiss Business Group Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (SMT) Carl Zeiss SMS represent an independent Carl Zeiss company.

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Mask Qualification

Preventing defects from printing with state-of-the-art mask inspection

Even least defects in the layout of a single photomask can consign all chips on the exposed wafer resulting in enormous losses. That is why it is crucial to inspect all masks for defects, understand their impact on the photolithography process, and eliminate them before the mask is used in a stepper or scanner.

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Mask Repair

De-facto standard in the repair of high end photomasks

Photomasks featuring zero printable defects are essential for the manufacture of high yielding integrated circuits. As sizes continuously shrink, the demands and costs associated with these key optical elements raise exponentially and with them the necessity to repair a defective product.

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Mask Metrology

Unique solutions to improve the critical dimension uniformity

With shrinking feature sizes in-die metrology is not only desirable, but essential as the measurement of test structures no longer reflects the complex interacting between patterns and illuminating light in the deep sub-wavelength regime.

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Mask Tuning

Fortune your mask

Enhance the yield and increase productivity by tuning the mask and aligning mask properties such as registration, overlay and CD.

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Solutions interlinking metrology and tuning

Closed loops for a smooth process

Certain systems are perfectly attuned to one another. Precious time can be saved and costs can be cut down significantly.

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