Closed loop Solutions

For a smooth and money saving process

We are highly familiar with the complex processes going on in mask shops and wafer fabs and we see the difficulties our customers are facing each day very clearly. This is one reason why we are intensively working on our closed loop solutions. Two systems, perfectly matching together, make processes faster, save much money and provide ideal results.


Measure and improve the Critical Dimension Uniformity

The CDC32 & WLCD closed loop solution enables mask shops to bring an out-of-spec mask into spec again. The mask does not need to be rewritten, which saves time and costs and therefore improves mask shop yield.

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PROVE® & RegC®

Measure and improve mask registration

The closed loop solution PROVE® & RegC® provides an uninterrupted process flow due to preventing the mask makers from rewriting a mask with registration error. This significantly saves valuable writing time and costs in the manufacturing process. It shortens the turnaround time for photomasks in mask shops and enables to achieve tightest registration specifications.

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AIMS™ & MeRiT®

Analyse the mask defect, repair it and verify the repair

Critical Defects identified by AIMS™ can be repaired precisely with the MeRiT® system based on e-beam technology. The MeRiT® HR 32 repairs opaque and clear defects with unprecedented precision and stability. After the repair process the AIMS™ is the industry’s solution to validate the quality of the repair.

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