Mask Metrology

Perfect image placement, CD and phase measurement

With shrinking feature sizes in-die metrology is not only desirable, but essential as the measurement of test structures no longer reflects the complex interacting between patterns and illuminating light in the deep sub-wavelength regime. For this reason we provide systems for the measurement of parameters such as registration, actinic CD measurement and phase shift at the wafer level, all of which have the capability to measure within the active area of the design.

PROVE® Compact

High resolution mask registration and overlay metrology

PROVE® Compact measures registration and overlay on photomasks with sub-nanometer repeatability and accuracy meeting the pattern placement requirements of all current technology nodes.

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Wafer-level CD metrology on photomasks

With proven aerial imaging technology WLCD measures the critical dimension (CD) on photomasks under scanner relevant illumination conditions with high throughput.

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