PROVE® Compact

High resolution registration and overlay metrology

PROVE® Compact offers the best resolution with 193 nm optics for measurements of small production features. The system enables in-die registration metrology without the need for placing registration marks.


It works with a NA of 0.6 for greater depth of focus and large working distance. PROVE® Compact introduces a patented autofocus and calibration strategy for highest accuracy. The tool provides superior stage stability for excellent repeatability performance.


PROVE® Compact enables the measurement of most advanced types of photomask such as OMOG and EUV and is compatible with all types of pellicle. It is equipped with operator friendly software and offers automation capability like SECS/GEM.

Closed loop PROVE® & RegC®

Measure and improve mask registration

The closed loop solution PROVE® & RegC® provides an uninterrupted process flow due to preventing the mask makers from rewriting a mask with registration error. This significantly saves valuable writing time and costs in the manufacturing process. It shortens the turnaround time for photomasks in mask shops and enables to achieve tightest registration specifications.

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