Wafer-level CD metrology on photomasks

The WLCD measures the critical dimension (CD) on photomasks under scanner relevant illumination conditions with high throughput. Proven aerial imaging technology is used to qualify the printing performance of the mask.


The WLCD system provides high precision in-die CD measurement, predicting wafer level photomasks performance. Actinic CD metrology is based on aerial imaging technology by high resolution 193nm optics.


Scanner equivalent illumination settings include FreeForm Illumination to support SMO technologies. WLCD captures OPC and optical MEEF effects and simplifies CD measurements for complex mask designs. Pellicle capability allows fast mask qualification and performance monitoring.

Closed loop CDC32 & WLCD

Measure and improve the critical dimension uniformity

The CDC32 & WLCD closed loop solution enables mask shops to bring an out-of-spec mask into spec again. The mask does not need to be rewritten, which saves time and costs and therefore improves mask shop yield.

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