AIMS™ 32-193i

Unique mask qualification system

AIMS™ 32-193i is a unique mask qualification system used in mask shops for defect review, printability analysis and repair verification for all types of high-end photomasks.


The system is the only scanner emulator covering all lithography techniques including Double Patterning, Source Mask Optimization (SMO) and Inverse Lithography. AIMS™ 32-193i opens new horizons for illumination flexibility by offering variable transmission with ZEISS proprietary FreeForm Illumination which supports SMO technology. The tool allows precise mask positioning by an accurate interferometer controlled stage. AIMS™ 32-193i achieves higher productivity with increased throughput in all imaging modes.

The system provides extraordinary CD repeatability that matches defect disposition specification requirements. It enables scanner-like best image quality by the use of LITO™ grade optics.

Constant intensity:
C-Quad = 100%
intensity annular = 62%

AIMS™ 32-193i randomized sigma aperture for e.g. SMO application

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AIMS™ Repair Verification Software Plug-in

Ideal software for automated defect analysis

In production 70 % productivity improvement with AIMS™ Repair Verification Software Plug-in was proven. The software plug-in is fully automated, fast and easy to handle. It provides operator independent results and a user defined result export. Online as well as offline analysis are possible. The AIMS™ Repair Verification Software Plug-in is compatible to all AIMS™ tool generations.