Mask Repair

Photomasks featuring zero printable defects

Photomasks featuring zero printable defects are essential for the manufacture of high yielding integrated circuits at the wafer fab. As sizes continuously shrink, the demands and costs associated with these key optical elements raise exponentially and with them the necessity to repair a defective product.

The e-beam based repair technology offered in the MeRiT® platform is the in fact standard repair tool for high- end photomasks. The technique of using e-beam induced chemical reactions combines both the superior focusing and non-destructive behavior of the beam with the selectivity of the chemical reactions.

The MeRiT® meets the requirements of today’s and future generations of binary and phase shift masks. Additionally, it is also a suitable technology for next generation lithography such as EUV.

MeRiT® HR 32

MeRiT® HR 32 is a high resolution repair platform with ultra-high precision for every type of photomask including phase shift masks, Nano Imprint Lithography, and EUV technology.

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