Mask Tuning

Significantly improve the CD Uniformity

One of the key parameters necessary to assure the functionality of any integrated circuit is the Critical Dimension Uniformity (CDU). There are different contributors which impact the total CDU such as mask CD Uniformity, scanner and lens fingerprint, resist process, wafer topography, mask error enhancement factor (MEEF).

We provide unique solutions to measure and improve the CDU if it does not meet the target CD. With the CDC system mask makers can significantly improve the CD Uniformity on masks by gently changing the local transmission of the mask with the help of a femtosecond laser. The fs-laser introduces small shade-in elements in the quartz. By varying the density of the shade-in elements locally the transmission can be changed over the mask with the target to improve CD Uniformity.


The CDC32 system improves CD Uniformity across photomasks with high repeatability and precision. This optimizes intra-field wafer CDU in the lithographic processes and guarantees highest yield for all relevant technology nodes.

More about CDC32


Registration control by RegC® can be done by correcting each individual mask registration towards its intended ideal values – or by correcting pairs of masks purposely towards mask to mask overlay.

More about RegC®
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