Precise 3D metrology for Inspection and Calibration

Ground Systems

Precise 3D metrology for inspection and structural health monitoring

Safety begins on the ground, where ZEISS’s 3D measurement equipment enables precise inspection and calibration of launch systems, dishes and other infrastructure. Meanwhile, the complex R&D associated with launch and other ground systems – acoustic and thermal effects, landing shocks, structural stress, and deformation – requires detailed digital analysis and frequent reference to the baseline digital twin. Testing with ARAMIS also establishes functionality within design parameters, while digital twins assist in fault diagnosis in case of failure.

Precise 3D metrology for Inspection and Calibration
Safety assurance through massive infrastructure scanning

Optimizing performance through TRITOP analysis

Satellite dishes (from small consumer units to large-diameter industrial and science installations), satellite monitoring systems (dishes and optical), and telescopes, must be accurately manufactured and erected for optimal, consistent performance. Helping optimize the erection of satellite antennas and for structural health monitoring (SHM), ZEISS offers the SLR-based TRITOP system for the analysis of accurate curvature and positioning of dish petals. The tolerances in dish set-up are becoming finer as new frequencies, including Ka-band, are exploited; S-band and other older frequencies have less stringent requirements.

GOM is also ready to address the traditional challenges of rocket engine manufacturing, including weld inspection.

Safety assurance through massive infrastructure scanning

Moving large rocket components and launcher assemblies on the ground requires extreme care, backed up by detailed 3D inspection to help ensure launch safety. Scanning and understanding deformation in the massive infrastructure required to move an assembled launch system to its pad, for example, is ideally achieved through the ARAMIS 3D scanning technology.

The solution

The ATOS ScanBox is an efficient solution for consumer dish inspection in manufacturing, but TRITOP is also just as suitable for multiple dish networks as it is to individual assemblies. The latter could include the measurement of carbon fiber petals as they emerge from the mold. Ensuring consistent quality, the process also enables petals to be selected according to their unique, precise geometry and assembled in an optimized order.



The portable TRITOP CMM system measures coordinates of three-dimensional objects quickly and precisely. Measuring tasks that were traditionally performed by tactile 3D coordinate measuring machines can now be carried out easily with the TRITOP CMM system. It does not require any complex, heavy and maintenance-intensive hardware. The measuring machine comes to the object.

Advantages of the TRITOP technique

  • Portable

    • Complete, 2 case kit weighs 23kg
    • Easy handling
  • Onsite

    • Very high accuracy also for large objects
    • Independent of environmental conditions
  • Robust

    • No wear and tear, no decrease of accuracy
    • The object is not touched during measuring

The trusted testing solution, turning data into profitable insights

ZEISS Correlate for space solutions

ARAMIS hardware & software

ARAMIS is ZEISS´s upgrade from strain gauges and displacement sensors; a stereoscopic 3D optical sensor capable of measuring 3D strains and displacements. ZEISS´s software suite can rapidly analyse test data for easy validation of structural simulations, providing a quicker process with less testing iterations.The results enable users to review and improve simulation parameters, as well as optimize current and future design processes. Therefore they can reduce the number of costly test runs and consequently speed up product development. At the same time, the results show insights into safety risks, part durability, as well as creep and aging processes. This increases not only the safety, but also the lifetime of products.

ARAMIS solutions provide

  • Flexible Systems

    Physical capabilities to capture complex geometries

  • Real-Time Inspection

    Instant measurement of deformations and strain

  • Faster, Relevant Data

    Rapid data capture outpaces standard contact sensors

  • Optimized Setup

    Accelerated test setup with comprehensive software

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