Unique support to space manufacturing and R&D


Precision 3D metrology
solutions for spaceflight

Unique support to space manufacturing and R&D

Manufacturing for space requires precision working with advanced materials for launch systems, satellites, sensors, and other payloads. ZEISS precision metrology products provide the space sector with unique capability supporting the design, modelling, manufacture and inspection of satellites, space structures, vehicles, and their operational support infrastructure, from the smallest components to complex subassemblies and complete craft.

Optimized 3D metrology for single craft and productionized satellites

Satellites & inhabited spacecraft

Component and complete satellite and inhabited spacecraft inspection for manufacturing and R&D.

Digital inspection and R&D support for the harsh launch environment

Propulsion & launch systems

Exact manufacturing and rigorous testing ensure the safety of advanced propulsion and launch system technologies, engineering, and materials.

Precise 3D metrology for inspection and calibration

Ground systems

From massive launch infrastructure to individual satellite dish assembly, precision is essential for optimized ground operations.