ZEISS #measuringhero Award Winner 2020

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Headshot of Pablo Antunes de Rosa

Pablo Antunes da Rosa

I am a MSc. in Mechanical Engineering focused in Metrology and Instrumentation from the Federal University of Santa Catarina and I've been working in Metrology departments in different industrial companies, in Brazil and Germany, for 12 years. I have knowledge of structured light optical 3D scanner, 3D multisensor CMMs, measuring arms and the main conventional measuring equipment.

I'm currently working as Senior Researcher in the  Analytical Packaging Development Laboratory at Boticario Group, developing dimensional control methodologies using Zeiss equipment as a reference and focusing on the technological advancement of Metrology worldwide.


  • Group training CALYPSO kurve
  • Training CALYPSO Aufbau
  • Group training CALYPSO Basis (RDS)
  • ZEISS CALYPSO VAST - XXT Qualification
  • ZEISS CALYPSO DotScan Qualification
  • ZEISS CALYPSO LineScan Qualification
  • ZEISS CALYPSO Setup Mode
  • ZEISS CALYPSO Toolbar Customization
  • ZEISS CALYPSO Transfer Format Tool
  • ZEISS CALYPSO VAST Qualification
  • ZEISS CALYPSO ViScan Qualification
  • ZEISS CMM Computer IP Address Configuration
  • ZEISS Fundamentals of Manufacturing Metrology
  • ZEISS NEO pixel first steps
  • ZEISS Styli Overview
  • ZEISS Temperature Compensation
  • ZEISS Troubleshooting Best Practices


His ZEISS measuring machine is 10134km away from Oberkochen